Never Alone

MTL COVID Youth Chatline

A volunteer-run confidential service offering information and referrals for youth in Montreal during the COVID-19 crisis.



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What is Never Alone?

Never Alone is an information and referral service created to support youth in Montreal during the COVID-19 outbreak. We operate by phone, text, and live chat. Chatline operators can provide answers to common questions and point you to resources for other kinds of support. We cannot provide medical or other advice.

Who are we?

Never Alone was created by Head & Hands. The Chatline is operated by a team of volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering you can contact us.

Who can use the chatline?

Anyone in need of information or Montreal-based resources can access the chatline by call, text, or instant message. Currently our hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 4 PM-7 PM. If you need support outside these hours, send us a message and a volunteer will get back to your when we're online.

For more information about Never Alone, or if you're unsure if you should use the Chatline, check out our About page.

Never Alone - COVID MTL Youth Chatline

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